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Company Overview

Sharp Communication Services Inc. (SharpComm) was founded in 1995, and became Nortel Networks’ first authorized Supplemental Service Provider. This relationship with Nortel, allowed SharpComm to install and maintain Nortel products for any authorized Nortel Partner. In 2002, SharpComm was awarded a full Nortel Business Partner distributorship, allowing us to design, sell, install and maintain the entire Nortel portfolio. SharpComm became an Avaya partner in 2009 after Avaya’s acquisition of Nortel.

Sharp Communication Services, Inc. is a rapidly expanding communications firm located in Elkridge,Maryland that is focused on helping businesses refine a green strategy using technology to reduce energy consumption while harnessing the latest in data and voice communications technology.

SharpComm is focused on providing superior service to our customers. As a local distributor, SharpComm is able to respond quickly to any situation. Access to top management is simply dialing a number or sending e-mail. The company’s strategy is underpinned by the belief that SharpComm, as a local company can cost effectively deliver the service expected by our customers. During the past 20 years SharpComm has excelled in providing service. The company has continually proven to be a reliable efficient organization that has relied on word of mouth referrals to grow and expand the business.