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SharpComm is proud to be a member of the business community that is located in Elkridge, MD. SharpComm and its employees are very community focused, and believe it is a corporate responsibility to be involved in the area where they work and live. Many of our employees are personally committed to various local projects, making a positive contribution to our neighborhood.

As a company, SharpComm focuses on many endeavors to help the community. We have supported The Bridges Community Development Center, which is an organization that supports youth and their families in their determination to live, work and study with dignity, hope and joy. They help to strengthen individuals and families while inspiring them to pursue and achieve their purposes in life by increasing academic achievement to assist in building the fabric of our local community. We also support several large families at Christmas, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, using both company funds as well as employee contribution. We are sponsors of the local children’s football and baseball teams.

SharpComm looks forward to building on our existing community support and increasing our participation in new programs.